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Why Is My Car’s AC Making Noise?

Car AC Repair

Why Is My Car’s AC Making Noise?

When it comes to every vehicle’s AC system, there are a number of components that can malfunction at any given moment. If the problem persists enough to create a rattle, it can be fairly alarming to hear on the road if you’re unaware of where the issue is stemming from. The AC unit should keep you cool and comfortable instead of concerned, so let’s go over some of the potential reasons why your unit may be making strange noises, and which problems are severe enough to warrant a visit to your nearest Jiffy Lube.

Serpentine belt

Propelled by the engine’s crankshaft pulley, the serpentine belt is an extremely important belt that drives many engine components such as the AC compressor, air Jiffy Lube Car Repairpump, and power steering pump. Through ordinary usage, the belt can develop chips or breakages, and if it gives out or snaps, the results can be disastrous. When the compressor attempts to engage the serpentine belt and cannot, it may result in a rattling noise. Jiffy Lube car repair is in order if you suspect the belt is damaged, which can be seen by visual inspection.

Idler pulley

In order to maintain tension and ensure the serpentine belt is guided properly, the idler pulley is needed for backup. However, just like the belt deteriorates over time due to excessive heat, the idler pulley can become inefficient at its job function after long enough wear and tear. If the idler pulley cannot properly guide the belt, your vehicle has the potential to overheat. It’s always wise to get your idler pulley replaced at the same time as your serpentine belt during Jiffy Lube car repair.


As the different internal parts of the compressor break down over time, they have the tendency to spread metal shards throughout the system, which need to be cleaned on a routine basis at your nearest Jiffy Lube. Additionally, if the clutch fails to be driven by the serpentine belt, it is recommended to get the entire compressor replaced during car AC repair.

Compressor clutch & pulley

The clutch cycling switch within the compressor clutch can be one of the most common areas to fail unexpectedly. After significant wear and tear, the switch can fail toNearest Jiffy Lube engage during the proper compression cycles. Also, the contacts within the switch can burn down to create a rattling while the vehicle is being driven. Likewise, the compressor pulley’s bearings can fail, making a grinding noise during operation.

While these are the most common reasons why your car’s AC may be making noise, there are still a few other areas that may be causing the sounds instead. For instance, the power steering pump pulley can be emitting sounds due to excessive stress after the AC is turned on, which can be identified during your next car AC repair. In any case, a visit to your nearest Jiffy Lube for inspection on a routine basis can prevent the potential for any unexpected breakdowns. Jiffy Lube car repair services include replacement or repairs of any of the components discussed above, and the professionals can without a doubt help identify where the noises are coming from. Though there are seemingly many areas to keep in mind, performing car AC repair is quite easy with a fair bit of understanding of the internal components.


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