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Why Do Car Engines Need Oil?

Oil Change Naples FL

Through all of the hard work your engine goes through grinding each and every day, oil is relied upon for a long list of important reasons. The most important one is: without it, you aren’t moving anywhere! That’s because of the intricate, complex amount of components and switches that require lubrication to function properly. When there’s a leak, or more commonly, when the quality of your oil deteriorates, the engine will not last long before it can no longer handle the friction of its moving parts. Let’s breakdown what exactly oil does for your engine before your engine breaks down.Oil Change

Heat Absorption

Aside from lubrication, the way in which engine oil can absorb heat is quite astonishing. As you probably can imagine, things under the hood get extremely high in temperature, and these components rely on oil to “cool” them down. The type of oil you choose, depending on what your car and type of driving are, will vary in its viscosity. The viscosity of the oil determines how easily it can flow throughout the engine, as well as its ability to maintain heat. As the oil flows through, it effectively lowers the engine temperature, allowing for smoother performance. Considering drivers living in areas of constant warmth, receiving an oil change for Naples, FL residents is a great way to combat the potential of overheating.


Another primary function of engine oil is its ability to continually “clean” your engine of residual debris. The healthier your oil is, the more likely it will be able to flow throughout the components of your engine with ease, filtering any leftover sediment along the way. If excess debris builds up in the spaces of your engine over time, an oil change will become the least of your worries. If this happens, an intensive engine cleaning from Jiffy Lube may be in order.

When To ChangeJiffy Lube

The question of when to change your oil is a common one among drivers everywhere, especially those who are less experienced in maintenance. While many drivers keep a close eye on their odometer to track how long they’ve gone without an oil change, other drivers don’t change their oil until it’s far past due. Through general, everyday usage, your oil over time will begin to turn black and grainy. The recycled oil will slowly thicken and become less useful in completing the benefits mentioned above. When your engine oil no longer has the clear amber hue, it’s time for a visit to Jiffy Lube. If you don’t change your oil for a long duration of time, if your oil reservoir begins leaking, or if another component is leaking, your engine will ultimately suffer. Not only will your fuel economy take a huge efficiency hit, but your engine will be walking on thin ice between survival and breakdown. By scheduling your oil change from Jiffy Lube in a routine fashion throughout the year, you’ll avoid any potential disasters on the road. While drivers in colder climates may need to stay on top of their vehicle services a bit more, drivers still need an oil change in Naples, FL or L.A just as routinely. Generally, most modern day car models can go around 7-10,000 miles without needing a change, but you should always refer to your user manual to be sure. If you need an oil change in Naples, FL, or anywhere across the U.S, there are of course Jiffy Lube locations available to help with any maintenance questions you have. Though they’re one of the quickest and easiest to get, the oil change is no doubt among the most important services you need.


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