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When To Replace Your Car’s Serpentine Belt

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When To Replace Your Car’s Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is among any cars most valuable components because it enables the functioning of so many other important areas. Without your serpentine belt, your vehicle would stall immediately and would remain there until a car belt repair is performed. This important belt keeps the vehicle’s alternator, power steering, air conditioner, and water pump all functioning at optimal levels, making its routine maintenance an absolute must. Before you need a Jiffy Lube serpentine belt replacement in a critical situation, let’s talk about some ways to keep an eye on it so that you can stay on the road and onto your destination.

Noticeable Wear

Like so many other car parts and internal components, one of the easiest ways to check up on the quality of your serpentine belt is by simply looking at it. Through traditional usage, the serpentine belt will incur cracks or other damages due to constant heat exposure and friction. The uneven wear down of the belt can cause rib separation, which eventually can lead to a snap. Taking a gander at theSerpentine Belt Replacement serpentine belt from time to time to check on its integrity can go a long way in preventing it from breaking. Before it breaks, you can receive car belt repair service to potentially expand the lifespan a few more miles before needing replacement.

Strange Belt Noises

If you hear abnormal sounds coming from the serpentine belt area, this can certainly indicate a problem with the positioning of the belt. As the belt begins to incur wear over time, the level of tension can fall, causing the belt to slip out of ideal position. If the belt is stretching, or if the belt and its pulley are not working together properly, this will cause a squeaking sound when operating, signaling that it’s time for car belt repair. During a serpentine belt replacement, also ask to have your pulleys and belt tensioner checked to make sure they’re running at prime performance.

Power Steering Failure & Check Light

When the serpentine belt breaks or begins to slip out of perfect position, it won’t be long before the power steering system is affected. If it’s not the power steering that decreases in performance first, it will be the alternator, and in either case, the situation is definitely overdue for a Jiffy Lube serpentine belt replacement. In the case that you miss the symptoms of these other failing components, the check engine light will also be one of the last resort warnings from your vehicle that the serpentine belt is deteriorating. Whether you catch the visual degradation of the belt, hear weird noises coming from the hood, or you notice faulty power steering, you shouldn’t hesitate to schedule a Jiffy Lube serpentine belt replacement to avoid any further component damage. Typically, the lifespan of many serpentine belts run between 50-100,000 miles before they give out, giving you a huge cushion of time to notice these signs for a serpentine belt replacement and act accordingly.


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