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What Causes Car Engine Shaking?

Engine Repair

What Causes Car Engine Shaking?

Few car problems can be as alarming as vibrations coming from your engine. Sometimes, they spring up out of nowhere and may vanish within a ride or two. Other times, the noisiness can persist into a growing disaster that will require a few Jiffy Lube services. Let’s go over some of the different kinds of shaking your engine may be experiencing because your engine repair will be reliant upon the symptoms you notice.Car Inspection

Faulty Mounts

If you feel abnormal shaking during a stop at a red light, this may be an indication that your motor or transmission mounts are slightly damaged or already broken. The way to test if this problem hints at a more serious issue is by putting the car in neutral. If the vibration decreases after placing the vehicle in neutral, then the engine motor mounts are most likely faulty and will require professional Jiffy Lube services.

Failing Fuel Intake

A failing fuel intake can be another major impact on engine shaking, but luckily, this issue can be solved with a simple car inspection. Most of the time, if the vibrations are stemming from the fuel intake system, a novice mechanic can readjust their carburetor or simply cleanse the components within the system to fix the shaking. If the shaking persists, and you’re unaware of the root, engine repair may be the next step.

Timing Belt IssuesJiffy Lube Services

There are many belts within your vehicle that control various operations that consistently run while the power is on. Maintaining the integrity of each belt can be tiresome, but it’s imperative to inspect your belts regularly for tears or chips. With an easy car inspection, you can look right at the belt running around your motor to see if there are any faults to determine if you need deeper Jiffy Lube services.

Worn Spark Plugs

The last cause of car engine shaking, but also most common, are worn out spark plugs. Ever hear the expression “firing on all cylinders”? Well, it’s not just a saying, it’s literal. When your spark plugs become dirty or worn out in any way, they begin to fail. Failing for a spark plug results in misfiring on every engine cylinder, holding back the engine from reaching full operation. With a simple car inspection, you can easily find out if spark plugs are the problem, or if further engine repair is necessary.

No matter what area of your vehicle may be causing such unpleasant shaking, don’t hesitate to fix the issue before any additional problems form. By following the manual which came with your vehicle, you can adopt a routine maintenance schedule to avoid engine problems like the ones mentioned above. A shaking engine may not be the most catastrophic car problem, but it’s surely one that we should all keep an eye on.


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