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What Can Happen To Your Car If You Skip An Oil Change

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What Can Happen To Your Car If You Skip An Oil Change

With modern day dashboard indicators that inform you of when it’s time for an oil change, heading over to your nearest Jiffy Lube before severe damage occurs should be no problem. But as we all know, sometimes it can be easy to put off warning signals, especially ones where the issue doesn’t need to be resolved immediately. While you may not be able to see the quality of your oil at all times, it’s no question that every 3,000 – 10,000 miles, you should receive a swap to protect the integrity of your engine components. But what can happen if your vehicle doesn’t receive an oil change at regular intervals? Let’s discuss the potential dangers of refusing to adhere to that oil warning signal, and what happens to your car in the meantime. Nearest Jiffy Lube

Thermal Breakdown

Motor oil is the essential fluid that runs throughout your engine, protecting each component from overheating and allowing each gear to move smoothly. Without the lubricative properties provided by your oil, internal metal pieces would grind against one another and would break in no time. As your oil is constantly used, heated, and refiltered, the quality of the oil will deteriorate over time in a process known as a thermal breakdown. While some high-mileage oils can last a massive amount of time above synthetics, both should be inspected on a routine basis using a dipstick to check for unusual deterioration. Once your oil has degraded past the point of use, it is critical to head to your nearest Jiffy Lube location for a swap. If thermal breakdown begins to occur in the oil, the next breakdown will occur across your vital components because they’ll still need thermal protection.

Accelerated Wear

As old oil courses throughout the engine, deposits of sludge may begin to form as the particulates in the oil stack atop one another. When sludge is created, the oil cannot flow freely, causing a drought in areas like camshafts, crankshafts, and pistons. Even if your oil is laced with detergents intended to breakdown sludge, the potential for sludge buildup exponentially increases the longer you wait on performing an oil change. Leaks and sludge formations are arguably the top causes of accelerated wear across your Oil Change in Naples Floridacomponents. When you need an oil change, technicians will also inspect and replace your oil filter if needed. If the oil filter is clogging up, there’s no question that your oil is beyond redemption. 

Letting your professional technician know that you’ve skipped an oil change can help them determine which services need to be performed when you arrive. Unlike your AC or windshield wipers, without quality oil, your vehicle isn’t moving anywhere. Before irreparable damage is done to your engine, receive an oil change to replenish your supply the moment you notice your warning signal illuminated. Whether your indication represents a leak or you’ve hit your mile maximum, the best course of action is to visit your nearest Jiffy Lube for an inspection. By heading in for routine oil change in Naples, FL or other Jiffy Lube locations nationwide, you can avoid forcing your engine to deal with outdated, degraded motor oil.


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