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Tips To Keep Your Car In Shape For Trips To The Sun Coast

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You should make sure your car is in the best shape for a road trip so that you can have an enjoyable trip without any car problems! Keeping your car maintained will prevent you or your family from being trapped in your car on the side of the road on a busy highway. The Sun Coast is one of those places where you do not want to be stuck on the side of the road. There are high volumes of traffic which increase putting you or your family in danger and could take road assistance hours to reach you. This is why it is very pressing to prepare your car before a trip down to The Sun Coast. And If you are unsure if your car is road trip ready stop by a Jiffy Lube® shop where they can assess your car for you. Jiffy Lube® offers a variety of car services and routine maintenance. Take a look at this car maintenance list before you hop in the car for a trip down to The Sun Coast.


1. Inspect Tires – Check to see if you need to replace your tires by inserting a penny between the treads with Lincoln’s head toward the tire. If you can see all of the head, the tire is too worn out. You shouldjiffy lube tune up Sun Coast also check your tires air pressure and make sure that there are no nails and cracks in your tires. Bring a well inflated spare tire as well in case you get a flat tire. Also if you have not gotten your tires rotated in a while, you should get them rotated to help protect against uneven tire wear. Tires should be rotated every 6 months or every 6,000 miles. These tire tips will save you from blowing out a tire, being put in a bad situation on the highway, and having to hold out for roadside assistance.

2. Check Oil – Make sure your vehicle oil level is full because engines are made up of many moving segments, and those parts need to be properly lubricated to avoid deterioration. A full oil level will keep you from wrecking your car or being trapped on the side of the highway. It is also recommended that motor oil should be replaced every 5,000-10,000 miles.

3. Check Brakes – Brakes wear just like tires. Inspect your brakes by determining the pad thickness and compare them to the minimum specified by your car maker. Having unworn brakes is very important for your overall safety on the road. Depending on some factors brake pads should be changed every 50,000 miles.

4. Check Exterior Lights – Make sure your headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights are working correctly. This will keep you risk-free on the road and prevent people not being able to see your car.

5. Check Fluids – Check to see if you need more windshield wiper fluid. Essentially, this will make your drive more pleasant and increase your visibility on the road. Also check your radiator fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Monitoring these as well will ensure your protection and the lifetime of your car.

6. Check Air Filter – Make sure your air filter is clean and if not replace it. A unclean air filter will affect the air quality in the car, hurt your engine, and consume gas because of too much gas being burned for the amount of air. Replacing your blocked air filter boosts gas mileage by as much as 10 percent, helping to save about 15 cents per gallon.

7. Check Gas Cap – 17 percent of the automobiles on the roads have gas caps that are either damaged, lose or are missing altogether, causing gas to evaporate into the air. Save money on your gas and support the environment by making sure your gas cap on or is in good condition.

People Are Driving Instead Of Flying

Driving is usually cheaper than flying, especially for families. Flying you have to pay for each person’s plane ticket and possibly baggage fees. When you are driving, you just pay for gas. Driving also allows you jiffy lube services Sun Coastto make stops in between your journey to stretch, get food, etc. As well as having a car to drive around once you hit your destination. Depending on your preference driving can be cheaper but also takes longer to reach your location. If you are out-of-state and are wanting to drive to The Sun Coast review Florida’s traffic laws. Florida highways have prepaid tolls called SunPass and in The Sun Coast, you need to use a SunPass or toll-by-plate. Also if you are driving around The Sun Coast beware of where you park and make sure it is public/visitor parking. Most places in The Sun Coast require you to pay for parking.

Car Maintenance Saves You Money On Gas

Car routine maintenance will save you a significant amount of money on gas. If your tires are under-inflated, they can cost you a mile or two per gallon. Check your tire pressure regularly to make sure they are fully inflated. Again, check to make sure your gas cap is on to avoid gas from vaporizing and replace air filter if it is clogged to also avoid wasting gas. Spark plugs should be changed continuously, a dirty spark plug will waste gas. Other gas-saving strategies are to try not to accelerate your car too often this burns your gas faster. Also avoid excessive idling, which is leaving your car in park with the ignition on for a long period of time. This will consume too much your gas, and you will be getting zero miles per gallon. Try these gas-saving tips and save money on your gas.

Jiffy Lube® Car Maintenance Services

Visit a Jiffy Lube® shop before you go on a trip to The Sun Coast. Jiffy Lube® services can improve your driving experience during your trip. Services they offer include Jiffy Lube® oil change, brakes or battery inspection, fluid exchange, tire rotating, wiper blade replacement, Jiffy Lube® tune-up and air filter replacement. If you are unsure whether your car is road trip ready stop by a Jiffy Lube® shop and they will inspect your car for you. Drive safely and save fuel by making sure your car is maintained. A well-maintained car will make your trip go smoothly and take away any car problem worries!


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