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Tips to Increase Gas Mileage

Save Money On Gas

Tips to Increase Gas Mileage

The fluctuating price of gas is something that, sadly, motorists have to put up with. However, whatever happens to the price of crude oil, one thing always seems to be a given: the price at the pumps always seems to be going up! But rather than letting your blood pressure rise on a par with the cost of fuel, what we can do is take strategic steps to ensure our cars run as efficiently as possible. 

From preventative maintenance to a few tweaks on how we actually drive, you really can drive down the amount of cash it costs to roll each and every mile.

  • Ease up on that pedal: Getting behind the wheel tends to bring out the Kyle Busch in all of us. But hitting the gas every time you pull off makes the engine guzzle fuel at the rate of a rocket heading for the stars. 0-60 in a few seconds might be fun, but it costs dollars and cents each time you do it. The same applies when you brake hard, although to a Tire Checklesser degree. Treat both pedals with a little tenderness and you’ll really notice the positive effect it has on fuel consumption.
  • Love those tires: A regular tire check to ensure the correct pressure not only improves fuel consumption, but it’s essential for the safest running of your car. According to the US Department of Energy, around 1.25 billion dollars of gasoline are wasted due to under-inflated tires, which equates to around a 3.3% reduction in fuel economy. So make it a habit to check yours on a regular basis.
  • Use the correct motor oil for your car: Much as it can be tempting to grab the cheapest oil on the shelf, this has a detrimental effect on gas mileage—by 1-2%. So always use the correct type as detailed in your car owner’s manual.
  • Don’t forget about air filters: Because when these little babies clog up—and they do—the engine has to work doubly hard to draw in air to mix with the fuel. Changing a badly clogged air filter could improve the gas mileage by up to 15%.
  • Engine maintenance: This is essential for performance and optimal fuel consumption. Being as most of us don’t have the time (or the ability) to do it ourselves, this is where you should engage the services of a professional garage or car care service, such as a local Jiffy Lube near where you live or work.
  • Ditch the excess weight: Most of us keep things in the trunk or the back of the car that we don’t need. But this increased weight leads to higher fuel consumption, so consider if you really need to cart all this stuff around with you on a daily basis.Jiffy Lube Oil Change

These are some easy steps to take to increase gas mileage and save a pretty penny in the process. Preventative car maintenance is key to the good running of your vehicle and fueleconomy. The household name of Jiffy Lube and their countrywide network means that wherever you live there’s a reassuringly professional car care service near you. So if you’re looking for an oil change in Sarasota, need to check tire pressures, change an air filter, or a simple engine tune-up wherever you live, the expert team in any of their branches provide an essential service to keep your car in the best of health and drive down the cost of your motoring.


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