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The Benefits Of A Car Tune Up In Suncoast

Owning a car used to be a sign of luxury, and you would only be able to buy a car if you had a lot of money. In today’s day and age, the car is no longer considered a luxury item, and almost every family has at least one vehicle in their name. Public transportation still exists in the United States but is not as prominent as it was 20 years ago. Many Americans prefer to have their own car which gives them the comfort to be where they want to be exactly when they want to be there. Mobile homes have also become more popular, which gives individuals the freedom to live wherever their car takes them. It also gives many the opportunity to explore all of America’s natural beauties and landmarks. With so many different ways to utilize your car, it is imperative that you keep track of your car’s service so you know exactly when to care for your car.

Car Tune Up in Suncoast

The purpose of a car tune up is to check the car’s engine and confirm that it is working as it should. There are so many makes and models of cars, which is why the tune up is dependent on the engine that is currently in the car. Although each engine has different intakes, most tune ups follow the same steps in what must be changed or checked. Usually, car owners bring their car in for a tune up when they are experiencing a problem with the engine or a driveability problem. Now we will go into detail about what our car mechanics in Suncoast check when conducting a car tune tune up in Suncoast

When you first take your car in for a tune up, our staff starts with replacing the cabin air filter along with the engine air filter. These air filters are located in a different position in your car, but they accomplish the same purpose by preventing dirt and debris from entering the system it is protecting. The engine air filter protects the engine from sediment when the cabin air filter protects the inside of your car. Both air filters have a very important role in protecting your car and they are replaced so clean air is always blowing throughout your car and engine. After the filters have been replaced, our car service team in Suncoast then checks the state of the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. The PCV valve can cause oil leaks and sludge build up in the engine if not properly maintained. Our staff will first locate the PCV valve which can be found near the intake manifold, and then determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Next, our staff checks the oil and coolant levels to guarantee that the engine is running as it should. Car coolant prevents the radiator from freezing or overheating, and the oil is changed to prevent sludge build ups from damaging your engine.

After the oil and coolant are replaced in your car the next area of focus is the engine’s fuel system and ignition system. The engine fuel system can become clogged with sediment leading to damage of the car, which is why the fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injectors are inspected thoroughly. Sediment has the best chance of entering your gas tank when the gas station’s underground tanks are being filled by a gas tanker. Too much sediment in the gas tank can result in your engine not starting because of buildup in the fuel pump which prevents gas from moving to the engine. The ignition system is the next thing checked and our staff determined the wear and age of the parts. This system is important because it ignites the fuel which results in the engine starting. We test this by conducting an ignition system performance test to see if the system is functioning properly. If anything is not performing as it should, our car repair team in Suncoast will replace the system.

Services Offered at Jiffy Lube Suncoast

At Jiffy Lube Suncoast we understand that your car is one of your most important assets, which is why we do everything we can to keep your vehicle in top shape. With over 15 different services offered at our numerous locations, we are confident in fixing any problems your car might have. We are going to focus on the three services that are the most commonly asked for:

● Oil Change
● Brake Service
● Air Filtration Service

-The main service that we offer at Jiffy Lube Suncoast is our signature service oil change. Oil changes at Jiffy Lube go above and beyond the ordinary oil change. Not only do we have a comprehensive preventative maintenance check and inspection, but we also offer many different types of oil because each car has a different oil that works best for the car. Our synthetic oil, made by Pennzoil, is a jiffy lube Suncoastspecial motor oil that is made for the highest levels of protection and performance.

-At Jiffy Lube Suncoast we suggest getting your brakes inspected every 12,000 miles or once a year. When inspecting the brake system our technicians check the brake lining and other key components and then write everything they noticed into a detailed report that is given to the customer. If your brakes need to be replaced we have a brake technician who oversees every brake repair. This is done so we can ensure that each car has the correct brakes, which is dependent on the make and model of the car.

-The air filtration services are very important to have clean air blowing through your engine and in your cabin. The purpose of the engine air filter is to make sure there is optimal fuel combustion along with optimal engine performance. There is also the cabin air filter which is in charge of making sure clean air is blowing on the inside of your car. When you bring your car into Jiffy Lube our staff inspects both air filters and determines whether they need to be cleaned or replaced completely.

Take your car into Jiffy Lube Suncoast

At Jiffy Lube we take pride in making sure that our customers always have the best deal possible, which is why we offer so many discounts and coupons for car repair. On our website for Jiffy Lube Suncoast, you will find roughly six coupons that can be accessed at any time. These coupons range from $20 off our signature oil change to $10 off transmission services. Keeping the proper car maintenance and repair on your vehicle can make a huge impact on how efficient your car system runs and the longevity of your car. Next time you are planning on taking your car in for service, make sure you take your car into Jiffy Lube Suncoast. At Jiffy Lube we have a trained staff of expert technicians ready to fix any car problems thrown their way. Stop by our Suncoast locations and see how you can save money on your next car service, or give us a call at 1(800) 336-5823.

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