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Signs That Your Car Needs An Oil Change

Oil Change

The quality of your motor oil is imperative to the functionality of your vehicle for many reasons. Our cars rely on oil to regulate heat across the engine, keeping the inner mechanisms lubricated and prepared for mobility. No matter what kind of oil your car utilizes, whether it be conventional, full-synthetic, or blended, over time you will need an oil change service. Your oil change intervals depend on your car model and oil type, however, there are many signals to look out for that can let you know it is time for a change or inspection. Because oil is so critical to the health of your engine, it’s best to act quickly if you notice the following signs.

Dash Lights

Two indicators found on your dashboard can alert you that there’s an issue with your oil supply. For starters, most obviously if the oil change light illuminates, it is aOil Change Service signal that your oil level has dropped beyond the normal level. This indication possibly means that your oil system is leaking, which can be checked with the dipstick that came with your car. Similarly, the check engine light can be a useful indicator for motor oil health as well. While the check engine light may hint toward a far more serious issue regarding your engine, it’s no doubt that if your oil levels have fallen below normal, your engine will suffer. Without enough oil to regulate the functions of your engine, you’re soon to be in a catastrophic situation.

Foul Odor

If the warning signs on your dashboard don’t step in first, the smell of burning oil will be present in the cabin if your oil needs changing. This enormous warning sign can indicate one or two things. Most likely, the odor is being released from a leak, which isn’t a huge problem, but I’d personally go in for a Jiffy Lube oil change near me to remedy the breach. However, in a worst-case scenario, foul smells found in the cabin may mean that your motor oil is burning into the exhaust area and your vehicle is overheating. If you ever smell engine oil in the cabin, this is not normal and you should receive an oil change service immediately.

Nasty Oil

Healthy oil should be a golden amber color that is fairly translucent, free of particles or other debris. But one of the most overlooked signs that it’s time for an oil change is the discoloration of motor oil. Because we’re not constantly looking at our oil, it’s easy to ignore the exact moment the color change begins. Plus, without receiving an oil change service, it’s hard to notice the buildup of particulates. When I check the condition of my oil each month, I make sure that the color remains healthy, and if it’s time for a swap, I stop by a Jiffy Lube oil change near me. Oil that needs to be changed will be darker in color, thicker in viscosity, and nastier throughout.Jiffy Lube Oil Change Near Me

While it’s fairly easy to notice the signs that your oil is beginning to degrade, in the cases of leaks, the best way to prevent an on-the-road issue is by taking your car to the shop for an oil change service. Referring to your car’s user manual can let you know the number of miles you should travel before getting an oil change. Most modern vehicles can handle 12,000 miles before needing a change. Personally, I stop by a Jiffy Lube oil change near me periodically throughout the year whether I’m traveling extensively or not. By keeping up with the maintenance of your engine oil, the safety of my car is a given.


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