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Signs That Your Battery Is Failing

Signs That Your Battery Is Failing

There’s not a huge grey area between your battery running at optimal performance or not running at all. While most drivers keep a careful eye on their warning lights to ensure their vehicle stays serviced as needed, serious car battery problems may occur before the icon has a chance to even illuminate. There are, however, a few signs that hint at the potential for a battery issue, though not as many signs as if you were ready for another Jiffy Lube oil change. If caught early enough, you can save yourself from becoming stranded…or just late for work on a Monday morning.

The Symptoms

When your electrical components begin to malfunction, something is wrong. Sure, your radio may not be a huge deal, but your headlights? When your headlights begin to dim (particularly during idle), or windshield wipers stop working, this means that your battery isn’t giving your accessories enough energy to function. Your vehicle relies on the power distributed from your battery, so undeniably if the electronics of your car are failing, so is your battery or its charging system.

The most common of all the symptoms when it comes to battery failure seems to be the slow crank. As you start up your car, if you notice that your engine cranks slower than usual, it most likely indicates that your battery is nearing the end of its life cycle. This is an audible signal that takes a level of experience knowing how your car sounds already. Though your car may push through to start, you need to immediately seek Jiffy Lube services to solve this issue, as your vehicle may not start next time.

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Maintenance vs. Replacement

When your car battery is truly tapped out, someone kind enough nearby may be willing to give you a jump start to get you back on the road. While this method is a good way to start moving, it does not mean that you’ve solved your car battery problems. Typically, people will notice that they need a jump during periods of cold weather because their car won’t start. If the frame of the battery is swollen or bulging in any way, it is imperative that you let the battery thaw before attempting to jump start. Furthermore, a persistently swollen battery almost always indicates the need for a replacement.

One of the fastest ways to tell if your battery is due for a replacement is by simply checking the labeling on the battery itself. During your next Jiffy Lube oil change, maybe ask for an update on your battery condition. When you pop open the hood, look for the manufacturing date atop the battery. If your battery is over four years old, whether the unit is showing any signs of failure or not, it is wise to get a replacement to stay on the safe side. Be aware of potential issues when replacing your battery, as installing an incompatible unit can adversely affect your vehicle.

In some cases, problems with your car’s alternator may reveal symptoms that are reminiscent of battery failure. No matter what irregular symptoms you’re witnessing, Jiffy Lube services all car battery problems, and can surely aid your vehicle back to full health.


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