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Most Common Transmission Problems

Jiffy Lube Sarasota

Most Common Transmission Problems

For most novice drivers, just the word “transmission” sparks a level of fear in the heart because it’s one of the most untalked about sections of the vehicle. Heck, chances are most drivers can’t even point out what the transmission even looks like. But just like most other car components, any driver can, in fact, detect when the transmission isn’t operating at its full potential. By staying one step ahead of these problems, (like performing a transmission fluid change on schedule) one can reduce the need for more severe transmission repair. Let’s breakdown the core components of the transmission system, the common issues that may occur, and the services which are available at Jiffy Lube Sarasota.Transmission Gear Repair

Torque Converter

Chances are if there’s an issue with your transmission, the issue likely stems from the torque converter. As the needle bearings within the converter wear down or become damaged, a strange grinding sound may occur as you switch gears. When the car is in neutral, the noise may not be heard, so keep a careful ear on the changing of your gears. Furthermore, if your vehicle isn’t responding to your gears at all, then you absolutely know that the problem is coming from your transmission system.

Fluid Leaks & Solenoid

If the transmission gasket seals are breached, then a transmission fluid leak can become a huge problem. Once the fluid begins to escape, the ability of your transmission to respond to the change of gears will diminish. Likewise, if the fluid becomes contaminated with nearby liquids such as coolant, a transmission fluid change is needed immediately to prevent slow shifting. If there are no visible leaks, but the performance of the transmission system and gears remains weak, then the problem may lie in the solenoid. The solenoid controls the flow of the transmission fluid, and if there’s an electrical short circuit, then gear response will soon fail.Transmission Fluid Change

Gear Grinding

The most observable warning sign that something is wrong with the transmission is the noise or feeling of grinding gears. If the transmission synchronizer is damaged or wearing down, there will be an obvious grinding noise happening during the changing of the gears. While this may simply be that the clutch needs replacing, it’s best to not let this symptom go ignored. For those with automatic transmissions, the issue may be harder to identify.

As the transmission fails, the performance of the car can become extremely unpredictable and dangerous. If you notice any of the warning signals mentioned above, take a trip over to the Jiffy Lube Sarasota location to determine the best course of action. Often times, the additives which are used in transmission fluid are the reason why the fluid degrades so quickly. Instead of hopping straight into dire transmission repair, the technicians at Jiffy Lube Sarasota can help figure out the exact reason for the internal breakdown. If you’re at the point where the transmission issues have stopped your vehicle from starting up, then you’re certainly going to need transmission repair, most likely a replacement. Both manual and automatic transmission systems require routine inspections and maintenance to avoid their premature failure.


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