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How To Prolong Your Car’s Life

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How To Prolong Your Car’s Life

While some drivers may believe their vehicle is on a set path of decline, the truth is that intervention can actually extend your car’s lifespan far beyond expectations. The key to saving precious years of operation comes with understanding just how connected your internal components are. With each inspection, maintenance service, or fluid swap, you not only take care of brewing problems that were unknown but you also actively prevent the breakdown of each component. Let’s go over some of the other Jiffy Lube services and preventative measures which can be taken to prolong your car’s life. Oil Change

Fluid & Filter Swaps

It’s easy to read an indicator to figure out when it’s time for an oil change, but it’s even better to go for your oil change upon driving 3,000 miles, regardless of indications. This common rule exists for all other types of fluid running throughout your vital components, however, some are more elusive than others. Transmission and power steering fluid typically aren’t changed until a leak is found or driving becomes sluggish, therefore, you can only do your best to check on their quality through inspections. Brake fluid flushes are needed about every two years, but I try to visit a Jiffy Lube near me for a swap every 20,000 miles. During an oil change, a new filter will be installed, but making sure to exchange your other filters in a timely manner will increase effectiveness as well. 

Tire Health

Arguably the easiest area of your car to monitor and fix on your own would be the tires. With modern dashboards that can tell your tire pressure, tending to the inflation of your tires is easier than ever before. As for wear, you can always use the penny trick to check on how deep the treads are, or you can check for one of the six or so tread wear bars to see when it’s time for a replacement. Tire rotations on a routine schedule will obviously extend the lifespan of your tires, and a visual inspection to check for rim wheel damage can also avoid problems down the road. There are Jiffy Lube services for all of the fixes mentioned above, as well as tire balancing once abnormal warping occurs. If my tires are ever wobbly or losing PSI at an accelerated rate, I go in for an inspection at a Jiffy Lube near me to figure out if a leak has formed. 

Preventative Measures

While routine maintenance itself is a preventative measure, there are certain tips to keep in mind that can protect the exterior of your car along the way. Jiffy Lube Near MeFor instance, storing my vehicle in a garage and getting it cleaned twice as much during winter can prevent rust from forming. Aside from storage, the technique with which you drive your car matter greatly. Accelerating too rapidly, running over potholes too often, or driving in harsh conditions constantly will inevitably increase the amount of Jiffy Lube services your vehicle will need in its lifetime. Finally, it’s imperative to keep your maintenance routines in line with your car manufacturer’s recommendations. Whenever I lose my manual, I know that by visiting a Jiffy Lube near me, I can have all of my questions answered about inspection intervals, fluid changes, and more. Prolonging your car’s life can be much easier than many drivers make it out to be if you pay attention to the signs your car is sending and you act upon them accordingly. 

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