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How Hitting a Pothole Can Damage Car Tires & Alignment

Tire Repair

Depending on the range of weather extremes in your area, you may notice large chunks of pavement breaking off to form dents in the road. We call these horrible spaces potholes, and when your tires run over them, your vehicle is definitely not happy. In some colder places, you may see so many potholes covering the roads that they are almost unavoidable.Tire Shop

If you’re maneuvering over a pothole and you cannot avoid it altogether, slow down without braking directly over the pothole while holding your steering wheel tightly so you don’t lose control. And no matter what, be wary of puddles that may hold a large hole beneath them.

Potholes form as trapped water beneath the pavement continually freezes and re-thaws. The air pressure from released gas presses upward while the massive weight of cars and trucks running over the pavement thrust down, breaking apart the asphalt. Over time, the constant grinding destroys the road, leaving behind a dangerous dip that can harm your vehicle in a number of ways. Before you need to head to Google to type in “Jiffy Lube near me”, let’s detail the different ways your car may be affected by pothole damage.

Tire Wear

Typically, your tires will be affected most by these sneaky devils. Most obviously, trudging over a massive hole in the ground will add a strange level of wear to your tire tread. As the treads wear away, your tires not only become more susceptible to future damage, but they begin to cause alignment issues. If the potholes are deep, you may even notice damage to your rims. Lastly, if you notice warped bubbles forming on the sidewalls of your tires, it’s time for some serious tire repair from your local tire shop.

Alignment Issues 

Naturally, as your tires begin to take on damage, your alignment will soon be affected by the uneven changes in tread depth or deformities caused by these potholes. If it’s past due for a wheel alignment, request help from your nearest tire shop to actually strengthen your car’s ability to brave a pothole. The longer you sit on these issues, the more likely you’ll need a wheel alignment or Jiffy Lube Near Mefurther tire repair. If your vehicle is slightly jerking to one side while you accelerate, that is also an indication of pothole damage and the need for wheel alignment from your tire shop.

Undercarriage Damage

If the potholes are outrageously bad, you may, unfortunately, encounter one that dents the undercarriage of your vehicle. Though this idea is terrifying, a slight dent isn’t a huge thing to worry about. However, if any components of your undercarriage become punctured, leaking may occur which opens the door for a whole different article of problems. At the point of a fluid leak, or excessive noises coming from the exhaust system, it’s definitely time to type in “Jiffy Lube near me”.


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