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Car Problems That Need Immediate Repair

Car Repair Service

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, there are many operations and components to keep an eye on that it’s best to stick with routine maintenance throughout the year. Your user manual will give you the exact number of miles you should reach before receiving an inspection, but as we all know, some issues spring up out of seemingly nowhere. While not all car issues are at the same level of severity, some of them can become looming disasters waiting to happen. Depending on the issue,Closest Jiffy Lube you may be able to repair the problem on your own, but for more intensive maintenance, you’ll need a car repair service from your closest Jiffy Lube. Let’s take a look at a few car problems that require immediate repair.

Extra Smoke

If you’re living in a colder environment, it’s natural for a bit of white smokey vapor to exit your vehicle’s exhaust pipe at the beginning of your ignition. Typically this happens because water tends to build up within the exhaust system during winter months, and as the temperature of your vehicle increases, the water evaporates. However, if the exhaust begins emitting an irregular amount of smoke, this may be an indication of an oil leak. If it turns out to be an oil leak, you definitely need to receive an inspection from your closest Jiffy Lube. This is the kind of issue that if not solved immediately, may result in smoke coming from under the hood. If your vehicle’s engine oil is leaking or outdated in quality, your engine will not be able to regulate its own temperature. If the temperature gauge begins rising or if you notice smoke coming from your hood, pull over and exit your vehicle immediately. Proceed by stopping at a Jiffy Lube car repair shop to remedy the situation.

Abnormal Noises

Another easy to spot symptom that your vehicle may need immediate repair would be loud unusual noises coming from specific areas of your car. While your driving, listen closely for any noises during moments of acceleration or braking. If you hear squeaking as your vehicle is slowing down, this probably means your brake pads are wearing down unevenly. Loud noises coming from your wheels can be an issue as well, letting you know that the bearings on your wheels are deteriorating or seizing. Lastly, irregular noises coming from your engine, such as unusual chugging or shaking during start-up may be a symptom of an overall performance issue. As this symptom can indicate many unique car problems, it’s best to stop by a Jiffy Lube for a car repair inspection instead of handling it on your own.Jiffy Lube Car Repair

Check Engine Light

Out of the many indicators telling you it’s time for car repair service, the check engine light is the easiest signal to spot before any further damage takes place. Don’t fret if the check engine light is illuminated, as this is simply letting you know it’s time to get a routine check-up from your closest Jiffy Lube. But if your check engine light is flashing red or yellow, this points to a more severe issue that requires an immediate car repair service. Like hearing loud noises, this is not an issue you want to sit on for a duration of time because the light flashing can indicate a number of problems that won’t be visible to amateur technicians. The professionals handling Jiffy Lube car repair maintenance operations have dealt with every issue imaginable, so they’ll know how to figure out which components need immediate repair.


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